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iturf's Journal

iTurf on LiveJournal
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The iTurf community on the world wide web has a long history extending back over three years. It was originally a web community targeted at people in their teens and twenties, and was part of the Delia's network of sites.

But on November 29th, 2000, Delia's announced iTurf.com was closing. Members rushed to a site created at MSN Communities (now called MSN Groups) that was built to keep the iTurf community strong, even if its parent website was being shut down.

This is the LiveJournal meeting place for members of the iTurf community that still exists on MSN Groups today. It replaces the old liveturf LiveJournal community that was no longer maintained by its creator, tJ (worthless87). This version was created and is maintained by khristomophelle
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