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I miss boards like the Compliment Board on iTurf. I know it's still around of course, but you know... Things aren't 100% friendly at iTurf right now (anyway, it seems that way to me). Well, I just want to start a little compliment board right here on LJ, even though I probably sound cheesy. But, boourns!

Here's to you all in iturf (in username alphabetical order!)...:

arsinoe: I know you heard me tell you how great you are earlier today in a reply, but dammit, you are! Hehe. *hugs you* You have such a talent with words and an unique sense of humor.

charshark: Yeah, I'll compliment myself. You're so weiner schnitzely. Woohoo! I rule.

forgotten_dream: I don't see you around much anymore, but when I do, it's great. I enjoy your funky little stories and how you're not afraid to express yourself. I hope you get everything you wish for in life.

hersch: You're awesome. I'm really happy that you got yourself a boyfriend--I wish you the best of luck! I also dig your sense of style and the way you use sarcasm. *thumbs up*

hhstigerchic04: You're very sweet and nice! I wish you the best of luck with your training--I know you'll make a kick-ass Navy chick! I'm really glad you joined iTurf.

iwannabe_kate_: I wish you were around more, but I know that you're very busy. And I also know that all your hard work will pay off! I miss your slaginess and the sparkle that you add to everybody's lives around you.

johhnymayhem: You don't give yourself enough credit, Richard! I love your sarcastic humor and your witty charm. I also enjoy reading your 'ramblings' (they're not ramblings at all!) because they're really interesting!

khristomophelle: I love your photography, writing, and management skills. You have killer eyes and a great sense of style. You're one of the most interesting people I know. I also love your tattoos because they're very creative and original.

madamerotten: You have one of the greatest tastes in music and fashion. I like how you be yourself no matter what. And I really admire that you will say whatever you want (even if it's TMI) because that's how you are and it's great!

ravensedge: You're a lot of fun! I wish you the best luck in college! Also, I love your sense of humor--you can be very funky! But you also have a serious side that I admire.

starflavorberi: You also heard what I said earlier, but dammit! Hehe. I love your personality and the way you do everyday things--with a smile on your face, whether you want to or not. You have a beautiful smile and very lovely eyes.

tropiclands: *slaps Chris* Haha, I'm sorry. Sometimes you get labeled as odd or wussy, but you're really not. I'm glad you don't live up to the standards of a typical 22-year-old. Everybody's different and I'm glad you embrace it.

ultravilent: You're very strong and brave. I admire how you voice your opinions without worrying if you said too much. I also love your artistic skills and style. And your hair style!

underpantsgnome: You are actually my best friend. I probably have never told you that, but you really are. You've always been there for me and you always know how to make me laugh. I'm glad we created something like Weirdo's Utopia because it's something fun to look back on. I adore your killer style, taste in music (and thank you for introducing me to some new and exciting music!), and your sense of humor.

And there we go.
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